Our Miramar location will house both our brewing operations, as well as our tasting room. It is important to us to also have an outdoor patio that will be dog-friendly.

We have some work to do...

We have some work to do...


Sean is the brainchild of Serpentine Cider. He is a wildlife biologist in real life (a herpetologist, to be exact), which is where the name Serpentine Cider comes from. Brewing cider at home has been a passion of his for many years and he is excited to share his creations with you.


Kelly is also a wildlife biologist and has cut her teeth in the brewing world by winning numerous awards for both cider and beer with her fiance, Matthew (see below), at the San Diego County Fair.


The only non-wildlife biologist, Matthew is a Navy helicopter pilot by day and a fierce homebrewer by night and weekend.


Also a wildlife biologist, Lish moonlights as a cider bartendress by night when she's not out wrangling tortoises.